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Training & Personal Development at FNZ

6.5 rating for Training, based on 15 reviews
Please describe the training programmes at your company and tell us what skills you've picked up.
Lunch and learn sessions are good. Would be good to have an external e-learning provider (if we have one, I haven't been introduced to it yet).
Graduate, Wellington
There is a frequent amount of training seminars, and a lot of documentation of skills and the technologies used. However, there is a lack of structure when it comes to graduate training that may be found at another company.
Graduate, Wellington
There was not a lot of formal training when I start but the people around me have been very helpful in getting me up to speed with what I need to know.
Intern, Wellington
FNZ provides lots of opportunities to take courses, but they do not always tend to link back to possible future roles internally.
Experienced, Wellington
The first week I felt as though we had been thrown in the deep end with the formal training we were given - it was complex and well above my ability at that time. However my Line Manager helped me out with it a lot. In my second week things have slowed down and it's now gone a bit the other way.
Graduate, Wellington
Lots of trainings happen in all different forms, but many assume a level of knowledge that many (almost all the grads) of us do not have to start with.
Graduate, Wellington
Formal training could definitely be much better. Every now and then there are training sessions that go on for about an hour, where someone experienced gives a presentation on a certain topic. But we need more of those, and also more practical training. Informal training is pretty much getting help from colleagues and more experienced developers. That helps a lot and is probably the best way I've learnt and picked up new skills.
Midlevel, Wellington
The training has consisted of using a manual with what tests to perform as well as familiarization with relevant tools. Testing of an internal site as my first test has been a good experience to find my feet.
Graduate, Wellington
Daily presentation sessions in the first/second week but practical training is mostly left for you to acquire on your own/when you ask questions
Intern, Wellington
It's nice to see training happening, but it is not very engaging, and often very over complicated.
Intern, Wellington
Induction programs are quite okay. But some of it kind of specifically applies to graduates.
Intern, Wellington
Training at the start of my employment could be alot better. A Lot of lunch days though where someone will teach their expertise which is very helpful.
Midlevel, Auckland

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