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Salary at FNZ

8.7 rating for Salary, based on 15 reviews
What are your thoughts on pay and bonuses at your company?
Pay is appropriate based on my skills and experience and market rate.
Very good
For an intern and graduate role, the job is incredibly well paying.
The base salary is very competitive for the role I am in. In terms of bonuses, I am not entitled to any at this stage.
No overtime, barely any bonuses
Starting pay is very competitive
The bonus system is not always clear - i.e. incentives aren't always provided relative to effort put in. Needs more transparency about how the calculation is made.
I think the starting pay for a grad is significantly better than if I had gone down the Accounting route of my degree. I'm not sure how well other people get paid so can't comment on that.
High Salary, but also higher cost of living in Wellington as compared to smaller cities. But definitely competitive and the best grad salary I have come across.
Pay review should be reviewed more often, but the starting pay for graduates is on the higher end of the scale. Bonuses don't seem to be paid out too often, but they're linked to business outcomes. So there are usually incentive schemes, and people working on those projects will receive remuneration based on how much work they've done of the project (but usually there are requirements for the incentive to be paid out - i.e. it's all or nothing).
As a graduate, the salary is very reasonable. From what I know, an average graduate salary is around 40,000-60,000.
Decent salary for an intern position but grad pay is a significant improvement
Pays really well for an internship
I think the pay is really good besides from the fact it paid monthly, which is hard for someone who is paying rent weekly.
What are your company's best or most unusual perks? For example: free tickets, free dinners, moving expenses, taxis, pension, etc.
Sparkling water on tap in the wellington office.
Free toast. Company events are great. Free dinners (if you're working). Foosball tables. Arcade machines. Great hours to work. Free healthcare. Taxis if you work late.
You can have dinner ordered for you and taxis to take you home if your work overtime. You can also receive full health and life insurance.
Free dinners if working late. Free health insurance
The best Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Free Yoga, Free Dinner, Free Taxi's
Full Health and Dental care scheme Dinner provided if you work late Coffee Machine, bread & spreads also provided at all times
Free yoga class, and kitten parties.
Free dinners if you stay late at the office
Employees get Health Insurance, Life Insurance and 6 days company leave.
Lots of benefits including full private health insurance
Health insurances. Kitten party. Cocktail Friday Night.
Full cover health insurance with southern cross Free taxis after 9pm Free dinners if you stay past 6 30pm