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Application Process & Interviews at FNZ

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Please describe the interview process and assessments.
Assessment centre first, which had tests, speed interviews and a group exercise. Then a private interview with two senior team members.
Very interesting
Firstly, I applied with my CV and academic transcript. Secondly, I took a cognitive aptitude test (effectively an IQ test) Thirdly, I received a call; an invite to an assessment centre. Fourthly, we had an all-day assessment centre that involved some interviews, a group task and a written exam.
There is an assessment day where you involved in a group project, a short written exam and quick interview/problem solving questions.
Phone interview, online assessments, group interview - 'Assessment Center', final interview
Fast paced.
My application required me to have achieved a minimum GPA which then qualified me for the 'Assessment Day' activities. These were varied with some quite unusual questions being asked, in hindsight I realise these were probably to assess how I go about solving problems. Once I passed the assessment day I was asked to come back for an interview, and from there I was offered the job.
Very intense and seemed quite long. Although there wasn't really anything unnecessary and it did give you some idea of the expectations of the business.
1. Started with sending in my CV when applying for graduate developer role. 2. Was asked to complete some psychometric tests online 3. Attend graduate assessment centre where they see how well you work in teams, and how you answer questions. 4. Final interview with head of solutions
The process was very good. After applying for the role, the assessments rolled out. These were speed tests for a range of areas including math and logic. For my role, there was only one interview.
There was an online aptitude test followed by a brief phone interview (behavioural and informative) and then a final assessment centre where there were various logical, maths and coding challenges
It was fun, and challenging. - Submit application - Perform three online tests (as one test) - Assessment centre - Outcome
I think it was a bit hard and long as we went through the same process as the graduates.
It began with a phone interview where you spoke about why you wanted to work at FNZ. Which then led to doing the psychometric testing. It then processed to an assessment day where you were given a group presentation, speed interviews and then an individual test. If you were processed you were given a final interview with a senior manager and then offered a job
What questions were you asked in your interviews?
General questions about my experience, background, interests, etc.
Logic, Math, Estimation questions
Behavioural and logic questions
The interview was reasonably informal. I was asked to tell a little bit about myself, how I felt about working extra hours when required, how I felt about overseas travel with the job, and what I was prepared to do to get up to speed in the areas I lacked confidence in.
General questions about myself and how I got to interviewing for this role. At the graduate assessment centre, there were a variety of questions to answer - related to maths, and logical thinking
The questions ranged from what I learnt from my studies and what I do in my spare time to technical questions that relate to my role. I was also asked what I know about the company.
Mostly technical questions.
There were estimation, math and logic questions.
I think there were 3 questions regarding estimation, logic and maths which were 10 minutes each.
Do you have any specific tips and advice for candidates applying to your company? How would you recommend they best prepare?
Refresh your knowledge of basic high school math before the assessment centre. Remember to talk through your thinking during the speed interview questions rather than focusing only on getting the correct answer.
Be yourself, yarn with people and be engaged with either the interviews or assessment center. Other than that, doing some logic puzzles with friends might help you practice explaining your logic to others, as that is a large part of the time - explaining why and what you're thinking.
Have some knowledge about basic financial calculations (converting fx rates) and some familiarity with the technology stack used at FNZ.
Learn what a Wrap platform is.
Once again, I don't think I've been here long enough to really know what they look for, but upon talking with other graduates, everyone is very friendly and open. At Uni I found that a lot of people didn't engage in conversation unless they were forced to speak (even in tutorials). I think this company probably values people who show that they are willing to collaborate with others and teamwork is a big thing here. Also problem solving.
Consider whether you're a person who needs hand-holding early on, or whether you can be comfortable being uncomfortable for a while. There is a LOT to learn. Be sure to ask questions to understand in as much detail the nature of the work in the job you are applying for so you can make that decision.
Just be yourself, be proactive and take initiative. Whenever there's an opportunity to contribute, go for it! Don't stress out too much, the people here are very down to earth
Research the company and understand what they do and why you would want to work for them. Show that you are interested in not only the company but the type of work you want to go into. Do things in your spare time that relate to what you are wanting to do; this could be as simple as listening to podcasts.
Practice coding in SQL and C Sharp as well as how to estimate effectively
If you know C# or Java that's great, you can do well in the group component. If you know VS studio that's even better.
Do well at school and pay attention in class.
Learn about what testing and development is. Be prepared to think outside the box and work as a group the best you can. Never give up and try to display as much of your personality as possible