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Rachel Hutchison

6.45 AM

Despite wishing for most of my life that I would one day miraculously become a morning person, it has sadly not occurred. 6:45 is wake up time – I roll out of bed to make breakfast and get ready for the day.

Findex Graduate Rachel Hutchison workstation with coffee

7.30 AM

I carpool into work and grab my much-required morning coffee on the way. First thing in the morning is the best time to catch any tax partners who are around with any urgent queries before too many other people arrive and the day gets into full swing. I usually have a couple of things on my mind for these moments so that I can talk them over with the appropriate partner.

Findex Graduate Rachel Hutchison talk with partner

8.00 AM

Another day in the office begins. During winter, it’s usually hailed by an incredible Dunedin sunrise that the tax team will often collectively appreciate together at the window closest to my desk which overlooks the town. Once we agree that the sunrise is definitely more spectacular than the previous one, I’ll check my emails to ensure that nothing urgent has come in overnight and to ensure that I am up to date with my workflow.

8.30 AM

I will then start with any job that is first on my priority list for the day, often this will be a calculation of a client’s investment income for tax purposes. If today’s calculation is a challenging one, then it makes for an interesting morning. Working in Tax is exciting in that we get extremely varied work. One task could be heavily compliance-based, for example registering a client for an IRD number; one task could be heavily legislation based, for example, research on how depreciation legislation applies to a certain intangible asset; or it could be really commercial, for example working through the necessary calculations for an amalgamation. You never know what is going to come up during the day!

Findex Graduate Rachel Hutchison working

11.00 AM

It’s a rush to quickly grab a tea from the lunchroom and find a seat at graduate training. This morning we are learning about shareholder agreements from one of the partners, which is vital learning for our work no matter what service line we are in. There are many training opportunities as a grad, which is really helpful to assist us in understanding the concepts behind the job.

12.30 PM

By this time I need food almost immediately. If it’s a sunny day, I’m most likely to be hunting out a grassy spot in town with friends to sit and eat and soak up the Vitamin D.

1.30 PM

After the sun has given me enough energy to smash out the rest of the day, I’m back to it. If nothing urgent has come up, I will continue with the tasks that I have for the day. This afternoon, I’m looking at a shareholder continuity calculation for a start-up. I also need to complete a tax review for one of our clients, who is in the restaurant business. The tax review is a vital part of the annual accounts process, which ensures that the accounts are in order from a tax perspective and that any opportunities have been identified.

Findex Graduate Rachel Hutchison client meeting

3.00 PM

I have a client meeting with our technical partner and clients who have engaged us for tax advice which I have been drafting. As a grad, my role in a client meeting is mostly to listen and take notes where required for file notes afterwards. Client meetings are essential learning as face-to-face client work requires a completely different skillset to all other day-to-day work that we do.

4.00 PM

Back at my desk, I follow up on the meeting by dictating a file note. I’ll then finish the day by wrapping up jobs, whether that is sending calculations on to the accountants so that they can include figures in accounts, calling clients to follow up on emails, calling the IRD, or completing the tax review from earlier.

5.30 PM

I finish the day by writing a list of tasks for tomorrow. I then either walk home (if good weather) or bus home (if raining). If it’s my flatmates night to cook, there’s likely a delicious dinner waiting for me!

7.00 PM

I leave home for social netball – I play with our work team. This is often the highlight of my week, even though I am absolutely awful at netball technically, I really enjoy the opportunity to hang out with work colleagues in another environment. We’ll likely lose, but it’s always a great time and a good sweat session.

8.15 PM

I head home to shower, wind down, answer my personal emails and open up the Netflix abyss.