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FDM Group

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Cin Muan Khant

6.00 AM

My first alarm.

6.30 AM

My second alarm followed by two more snoozes.

Finally, time for a quick shower and breakfast.

7.15 AM

Cin Walking

My journey to work starts with a 15 minute walk to the train station, which gives me my morning exercise. Then, I can relax on the train and check all my social media accounts and emails while listening to music. My journey takes me about 45 minutes.

I get off at Wynyard station and walk for 5 minutes to my office in Barangaroo International Tower 3.

8.15 AM

I always make sure that I get to the office a bit early to make Milo for the day!

8.30 AM

Cin Building

I start my day by checking emails and if I have received any emails from my line manager for any specific tasks for the day. After that, I check my assigned tickets (appointments) from staff with regards to their IT related issues.

I am mostly allocated to the IT Express Centre (ITEC) desk. The IT express is the desk where internal staff members can get general IT advice, tricks, and tips. New starter staff can collect their laptops, mobile and peripheral but the desk is strictly only available via prior appointment. We can help people if their laptops are not turning on and if staff cant login to their devices.

8.31 AM

By this time, people are queuing at the desk. Normally applications updates are pushed out on the weekend, which means Monday morning is always a busy start. Most of the users have login issues after theses application updates.

I have to serve all the users as efficiently as possible to clear the queue. So I assist one user and while waiting for their laptop to reboot, I ask another for their issue.

10.00 AM - 11.00 AM

Cin View

We have a weekly team meeting for one hour, where we talked about our struggles and challenges we faced on the last week. We are a very small team and supporting Australia wide IT support including branches, so every day is pretty busy.

Based on our experiences, we made changes in how we do things in our team. During the meeting, we can ask for help from other members of the team and balance our workloads. Each of us is also assigned with tickets (appointment) that are raised by the staff with regards to their laptop issue. We can discuss about the individual tickets and find the solution as a team.

12.00 PM

I have meetings with people from different countries with regards to the Assets and Inventory system. In the meeting, we talk about changes in the process and updated guidelines for the audits with regards to the system. We also talked about how we've been using the system, and any feedback to make the system more familiar with the users.

12.30 PM

I take a 1 hour lunch break which gives me time to network with different people in the company.

1.30 PM

After my lunch break, I call the staff who raised a ticket (appointment) for their laptop issue. Sometimes the problems are out of our scope but we spend time discussing these. I ask the user what they need and work out how to achieve what is required.

3.00 PM

I prepare handouts for the IT Expo that we are currently doing within the company. I spend time with my senior colleagues from different departments to ask them about what the users hope to get out of the expo. I collect content and design handouts.

4.00 PM

I check my to-do list and see if I have to send out any IT equipment to other branches. If I do, I prepare this and send it in the mail.

5.00 PM

Throughout the day, there are users coming to the ITEC desk for IT advice and small issues they have with their laptops. On the top of working through the tickets, I work on individual assigned projects, attend meetings and rebuild laptops.

Sometimes, I don't even know how the time goes. What a day!

6.00 PM - 8.00 PM

Cin Playing

Catch up with colleagues from FDM group, occasionally we have karaoke, pool, and dinner together.

10.00 PM

Sleeping time. It will start all over again tomorrow.