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Working Hours at EY New Zealand

6.4 rating for Working Hours, based on 19 reviews
How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?
Very flexible working hours depending on your engagement team - team always happy for you to fit in work around various commitments
Graduate, Tauranga
EY is very flexible. I can work from home and at different hours outside of the conventional 9-5 as long as I let the team know where I am. The hours recently have been extremely long due to several large transactions, so it can be tiring though. The flexibility is key. The one thing is I have not been able to take time in lieu yet.
Graduate, Auckland
Very flexible - if you need to start late/leave early that's fine so long as you make it up somewhere else. I left early to tutor at the university during my first year and team was very supportive.
Graduate, Auckland
Flexibility to a point - there's a requirement to be onsite when you need to but people are typically happy to move around other commitments if required.
Midlevel, Auckland
Company is flexible in terms of where I am working from, as long as the work gets done on time it is not really a problem where it is done
Midlevel, Wellington
You can arrange flexible work circumstances, work from home on occasion etc.
Graduate, Auckland
The company is very flexible with hours - the main thing is just ensuring that the work gets done when it needs to and being clear with your communication to managers etc. if you're not going to be in the office until later
Graduate, Auckland
Overtime is expected. Often stay past 5 and regularly work a few hours in the weekend.
Midlevel, Christchurch
Workplace is flexible, however projects with deadlines often mean increased hours in the office with no days in lieu to accommodate for this. When projects are less busy, hours are good.
Midlevel, Auckland
They are trying but there is still a stigma. Expected workload exceeds time allocated.
Midlevel, Auckland
Flexible but busy seasons mean overtime is expected
Graduate, Auckland
Not very flexible - it depends on how efficiently you work and the amount of work you get assigned with. Personally, I like to get work done and therefore I'm mostly satisfied with my hours. However during busy periods it can get very stressful and having to work at night at home or in weekends is a must to get things completed.
Midlevel, Auckland
Work is pretty flexible. When we are busy, I will have to work long hours but when I am not busy, work is smooth sailing and I can also leave earlier (provided I get all my work done)
Graduate, Auckland
we work some long hours during busy season but that it balanced out during summer when we are a lot less busy. Also there are busy season treats every Friday which is a bonus!
Midlevel, Hamilton
Depends on engagement manager.
Graduate, Whakatane
It could be 7.5 per day (not including lunch. I choose 10 hours to get in extra learning and development before work starts.
Midlevel, Ohaupo