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Management at EY New Zealand

7.5 rating for Management, based on 17 reviews
How accessible are managers and do they make good mentors? You may want to address internal communication, performance feedback or praise and recognition.
Yes, they are great mentors that are committed to progressing me and improving. It would be great to hear more praise, but a lot of praise happens behind my back and is recounted secondhand when I ask. EY has a good feedback system where seniors must give specific feedback every quarter.
Graduate, Auckland
Managers are generally very accessible, and are very good at mentoring
Midlevel, Wellington
Yes, mostly.
Graduate, Auckland
The managers are great, with a mix of people who have been at the firm from when they were a grad and those who have recently joined. This helps you have good conversations about what you want from your time at the firm and how you can get it. The feedback system is very constructive, and we have quarterly catchups to ensure we are on track with our goals
Graduate, Auckland
Managers and above are great teachers and are very easy to talk to and learn from.
Midlevel, Auckland
All are fairly accessible. Pretty good communication. Praise and recognition vary based on individual. Some managers should not be in charge of people as they do not have the skills.
Midlevel, Auckland
Everyone is assigned a counsellor to help with performance feedback and career progression discussions
Graduate, Auckland
Most managers make great mentors as they have lots of knowledge and experience that can be passed down to staff. Communication can be off as expectations are always changing in terms of the work we do as well as reviews are often not timely. Therefore, leaving questions for work that was done weeks, sometimes months beforehand. Most staff do not get the recognition they deserve
Midlevel, Auckland
I have direct communication with my managers and senior managers. Occasionally, when partners are not busy, we are able to work with them too. I believe they all sufficiently provide feedback and praise - which is great!
Graduate, Auckland
All the managers are very approachable
Midlevel, Hamilton
Flat structure makes partners accessible, but they are often inflexible.
Graduate, Whakatane