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Job Satisfaction at EY New Zealand

7.3 rating for Job Satisfaction, based on 21 reviews
Please comment on your role and day-to-day responsibilities.
Work is interesting and varied - lots of opportunities to explore different industries and types of engagement
Very interesting work as it varies from transaction to transaction. Lots of learning and building my technical excellence.
Every day is different, you might be working on something really simple 1 day then really complex the next. It's really good for a challenge but also to solidify the knowledge you've already built.
Responsible for various areas on different clients i.e. PPE, Revenue etc.
Client meetings, strategy ideation and production of deliverables.
Working as part of a team to complete sections of the audit, managing the team on smaller clients
Varied day-to-day. Heavily excel based and often power point. Every project is different (size, industry etc.) so always learning
Changes across projects but the work has not been aligned to my interests.
Tax Compliance for a variety of clients
Responsibilities are quite significant; the progression is very fast
Auditing clients financial accounts - working mostly on validating the account balances by "testing" samples within the balance. Make enquiries about unusual transactions and general aspects of the business i.e. litigations, related parties etc.
Assisting Managers, Senior-Managers and above with day to day delivery of a project (e.g. writing reports, research, financial management, meeting notes etc.)
audit client financial statements requesting accounting evidence from client. vouching accounting evidence
We are mostly based on client sites which is fun, and we do a lot of testing over data