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Culture at EY New Zealand

7.4 rating for Culture, based on 18 reviews
Please describe your company's culture both in the office and after hours. Let us know about the structure and hierarchy, cooperation and teamwork, and socialising amongst colleagues.
Kind and co-operative team both on engagements and in wider firm
Graduate, Tauranga
My team makes a concerted effort to have open honest conversations about what is working well and what isn't, and what actions we will take to improve it. Leaders care about progression and are supportive of hard workers being rewarded. The team gets along very well and often chats about non-work things, which improves our bonding. There is a hierarchy, but partners and managers are extremely open to junior members' suggestions and will explain why they do not go ahead with some of the ideas.
Graduate, Auckland
There's hierarchy but it's pretty informal - I can walk up to the partner and have a chat. The social aspect is good, and you can be part of as much or as little as possible.
Midlevel, Auckland
Although there is a hierarchy in place, it is very easy to approach a senior member of the team - encouraged that you ask lots of questions
Midlevel, Wellington
The social culture is positive - we hold social activities both inside and outside of work hours. The people that are employed are friendly, inclusive and upbeat. You tend to work with an array of people, some of which you'll work better with then others. In general, there is a rank system but from a interactions point of view, you don't feel a hierarchy to the extend you would in other workplaces - 'hot desking' and mixed project teams allow for you to interact all ranks.
Graduate, Auckland
The firm really focuses on building a strong culture. Our team often holds events after work as a way of thanking us for the work that we put in. We have a massive emphasis on inclusiveness, which is not just lip service - there is a real emphasis on ensuring that you feel like you can bring your whole self to work.
Graduate, Auckland
Pretty good culture at the intermediate level, everyone works as a team and helps each other out. Could be driven more from the top as currently the management level seems quite disconnected and their behavior doesn't always reflect EY values or strategies that have been promoted. Very social team which makes work enjoyable.
Midlevel, Christchurch
Great culture, lots of fun events for firm-wide, service line and sub-service line team
Midlevel, Auckland
Soft traditional hierarchy. Seniors are approachable. Good cooperation, socialising and teamwork. Culture is balanced feminine and masculine. Inability to get on right projects dampens spirits. High turnover. Drinking culture is average. Have a low average age.
Midlevel, Auckland
Social and friendly culture
Graduate, Auckland
I think everyone gets along really well. There is a distinct hierarchy but socially this doesn't usually affect anything. Everyone is really good at working as a team, however, there is quite a negative attitude within the office due to workload and expectations.
Midlevel, Auckland
The company culture is young which is nice as there's a lot of socializing amongst colleagues. The structure and hierarchy is very formal and some people put in more effort for teamwork than others as expected.
Midlevel, Auckland
We are encouraged to have flexible working, which is great! The team understands that if we are busy, we will have to work after hours, we can take this as time in lieu in the future. In terms of hierarchy, my senior team members are very approachable and take time to explain tasks and if they know I'm busy will take on tasks themselves. My team members are easy to get along with, in and out of a work environment.
Graduate, Auckland
very friendly culture. people are responsible and reliable
Midlevel, Auckland
Both in the office and after hours there is always someone to talk to. Everyone is very friendly. you don't just make work colleagues here, but also friends
Midlevel, Hamilton
I really appreciate the work culture, and this is one of the things I know I'll miss most when going into industry. Our colleagues are young, smart and driven, and I think exceptionally kind and human considering we are a hard-working Big 4 firm. Most managers are respectful of staff's commitments outside of work and will try and will make sure that long hours aren't common. When a team has to work late to meet a deadline, there is support and care from everyone else doing the same, and even those who don't necessarily have to stay back may do so just to help out. I think we are too hierarchical, particularly considering all the grads now and in the future will expect a flat organization. It appears flat because everyone is approachable, however when it comes to decision making there is a clear hierarchy. There is a lot of socialising outside of work. EY is the kind of firm where you can make lifelong friends, if you want to.
Midlevel, Ohaupo