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Working Hours at Duncan Cotterill

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How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?
Flexible hours but generally 8:30-5 pm
Graduate, Duncan Cotterill
There is no expectation to work long hours - as long as you get the work done and to a high standard. However, this is only coming from my experience of less than one year as a graduate.
Graduate, Duncan Cotterill
I work 8:30 to 5/5:30pm on most days. Sometimes I will stay later but not regularly. It depends on the workload and the type of work I have on. The company is quite flexible with work hours, I haven't needed to utilize this but could if I wanted to. Option to work from other offices is very beneficial.
Graduate, Duncan Cotterill
8:30 - 5.
Graduate, Duncan Cotterill
Work hours are great. You are not expected to stay past contracted hours if you have no work outstanding. Ideally, I would prefer greater autonomy over my hours i.e. starting early in order to finish early etc.
Graduate, Duncan Cotterill
Our company is great we have flexible working so can come and go, but the nature of the work means often I have to work quite long hours
Graduate, Duncan Cotterill
We operate with flexible hours allowing for leaving early, starting late or longer lunch breaks. As long as the work gets done nobody checks in on you.
Midlevel, Duncan Cotterill
I come in early and leave on time. I am a morning person and prefer to organize my day and prioritize my jobs in the morning before I engage with my team and clients
Graduate, Duncan Cotterill