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Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity refers to all the ways we are different. It's the seen and unseen characteristics and experiences that make everyone unique. Inclusion refers to each of us bringing our unique and authentic selves to work, and feeling confident, inspired and empowered to make an impact that matters.

Deloitte believe that an inclusive mind-set and diverse workforce are two of their greatest competitive strengths. Diversity of thought, cultures, and backgrounds result in better outcomes and help differentiate their market offerings. They seek to not only lead the profession, but also the wider business community through their leadership, client and thought leadership and, internal initiatives.  As part of the original ‘Champions for Change’ group, Deloitte CEO Thomas Pippos and Chair Ross Milne, along with the leaders of other prominent public and private New Zealand organisations, are committed to raising the value of diversity and inclusiveness within their own organisations and across Aotearoa.  Deloitte has demonstrated its commitment to this goal through its participation in the first three years of diversity reporting and sharing its insights and commitment to closing the gender pay gap

Deloitte has put gender equity at the forefront of New Zealand business’ agenda through the work they have delivered including their Westpac Diversity Dividend that highlighted the economic value for New Zealand to achieving gender parity and their Bridging the Gap report for Westpac that focused on demystifying the gender pay gap, identifying underlying causes, leading practices and articulating why closing the gender pay gap is important for organisational, social and economic performance.  The Inclusive Workplaces report shared insights into drivers of inclusion, the important role of Millennials and circuit breakers businesses can use to apply to enhance the inclusion of their people and business outcomes.

While Deloitte work and thought leadership in the market is important, even more impactful for their business and their people is the internal focus on inclusion and diversity.  As their journey toward undisputed leadership in professional services globally, these internal initiatives are critical as they aspire to leave behind a path that the next generation of leaders can be proud to travel


To be the undisputed leader Deloitte need to significantly, and quickly accelerate the representation and retention of women and other under-represented minorities at leadership levels.  Deloitte have almost doubled their female partners in the last 5 years from 14 to 32 and their Board representation has increased from 14% to 36% in the same time. Deloitte have co-designed a Woman in Leadership programme and focussed their recruitment on ensuring they present a balanced gender scorecard at each stage of the recruitment process.  As a result their hiring of senior women increased from 36% to 54% in the last financial year. 


Deloitte offer flexible working arrangements for all people and provide options in terms of how people balance the demands of life and work through our lifestyle leave and flexible working policies. 

Gender pay gap

Addressing the gender pay gap is an important action Deloitte is taking to support greater diversity and inclusion.  The gender pay gap is a reflection of factors like gender mix (more men in more senior roles) and occupations segregation (i.e more men in high paying technology roles and more women in support roles).  As a result they are actively committed to addressing their gender pay gap through the recruitment, retention a promotion of top female talent.

Some of Deloitte’s commitment to this strategy include:

  • They analyse their gender pay gap quarterly and share their progress internally.
  • They review performance every 6 months, even if you are on parental leave
  • They pay the full annual leave value after you return from parental leave
  • They pay 14 weeks paid parental leave / 12 weeks lifestyle leave eligibility rules apply / Parental leave for secondary care giver 8 weeks full paid leave across 2 years
  • Work with incredible influencers such as Chair of NZTech & Tech Women Eva Sherwood, Impact Practice Lead, Adithi Pandit.
  • They are Silver Sponsors of ShadowTech & Tech Women
  • Members of Global Women, providing mentors and mentoring
  • They are part of the Champions for Change and report on their Diversity

Māori & Pasifika

Hourua Pae Rau

In 2010, Deloitte became the first of the big four to create a Māori services team. Since then the firm has continued to invest in this area to meet the market need, and today Hourua Pae Rau represents the largest Māori professional services team in Aotearoa. They have connections to iwi across the country and combine their depth of expertise and experience to make an impact in their communities.

As a firm, Deloitte believe Aotearoa New Zealand has a duty to uphold Te Tiriti o Waitangi. The Treaty of Waitangi is New Zealand's founding document and provides the basis for the relationship between Crown and Māori. Therefore, this document shapes the interactions they have as a Māori services team in the market. The Māori economy is worth $50 billion, showing that positive outcomes for Māori will improve our economy as a whole.

They are supporting their internal Māori community by fostering a sense of whanaungatanga within the workplace. Through our virtual ‘zuis’ (hui using zoom), they are connecting people nationally to build relationships and kōrero on important topics. They also celebrate important events such as Matariki and Te wiki o Te Reo Māori.

Deloitte also provide internal Māori Engagement workshops on request, such as:

  • Te Reo Māori lessons are available each quarter.
  • Support the Tūhono Māori Public Sector Group on their event series throughout the year.
  • Most Promising Māori Accountant Award assists and encourages young Māori students into accounting in education, and provides mentorship, networking and internship opportunities. 

Pasifika- Pås Peau

The name is Rotuman and literally translates to ‘to break through waves’.  It serves as a metaphor to describe their aim to do things differently and to challenge the status quo in order to deliver better outcomes for the Pasifika community.  They will do this by working collaboratively and in partnership with their clients, by seeking out innovative solutions, involving the right experts and ensuring Pasifika values are at the core of everything they do.

Their focus is on building capability through partnership.  Building capability within the Pasifika community by collaborating with organisations and individuals committed to delivering better outcomes for Pasifika – including public sector, private sector and non-profit organisations. They also support their people internally through regular Talanoa to connect people across their offices.

Rainbow Community

LGBT+ is an acronym for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, takatāpui and more, and may be a way that people choose to express their sexual or gender identity. Deloitte is committed to fostering a culture of inclusion and respect and aims to raise awareness of all respectful relationships. They have added preferred pronouns as an option in their standard email signature to help normalise the practice and signal respect for everyone’s identities.

Wear it Purple day

Friday 28 August is the global Wear it Purple day. This is an annual awareness day for people who identify within the rainbow community where people wear the colour purple to show their support for people within the community.

Some of Deloitte’s initiatives include:

  • A Sexual Diversity policy including gender transitioning
  • All policies & L&D programmes reviewed to ensure they are inclusive
  • Rainbow Group established
  • Dedicated intranet site for support and information
  • Regularly promote stories on our intranet site
  • UN signatory for standards of Business supporting LGBTI
  • Pro-bono work for rainbow support groups
  • Rainbow Youth – Gender 101 Workshops

Flexible working

It is important to recognise that standard working arrangements do not meet everyone's needs, all of the time. [email protected] gives people flexibility in their working arrangements, whilst ensuring client and various work commitments are met.

Deloitte are actively seek and encourage the development of a diverse team of intelligent, hard-working individuals, who are the best at what they do, and Flex is a key enabler of that. Some of their Flex options include:

  • Time Flex - a shift in working hours to optimise their productivity and performance (e.g. start and finish times)
  • Micro Flex - short breaks to manage the expected or unexpected events that arise
  • Leave Flex - employees can apply for sports and cultural leave, community involvement or purchase additional annual leave to spend more time on the things they love
  • School Flex - utilising LeaveFlex, TimeFlex and TravelFlex to help during school holiday
  • Career Flex - employees can opt to take longer periods of unpaid time out from work to pursue their interests, goals or dreams

Achievements, Sponsorships and Awards

  • Diversity Works NZ – Empowerment @ Deloitte (2020 Diversity Awards NZ)
  • Global Women
  • Teach First New Zealand
  • Most promising Māori Accountant
  • Prime Minister’s Pacific Youth Awards – Deloitte Business and Entrepeneurship
  • TupuToa