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Please comment on your role and day-to-day responsibilities.
Communicating and understanding with clients to implement technology solutions for their business - through writing user stories, conducting workshops, strategy pieces etc.
Graduate, Sydney
I participate in a number of internal activities in addition to my role on a project working with a client. On project, I build code and software for a government client. Through my internal activities, I am contributing to the volunteer program, selling social impact work to clients, mentoring employees wanting to learn Python, and contributing to the [email protected] women's support group.
Midlevel, Sydney
I look after all budgets and financials and hiring of new staff for the project.
Graduate, Adelaide
IT consulting activities Data Engineering CI tasks
Graduate, Melbourne
My day to day is constantly changing, challenging and I've been able to grow a lot.
Graduate, Melbourne
As a new Capgemini employee, my responsibilities are limited to assisting projects, taking meeting minutes, running internal projects etc
Graduate, Melbourne
I work in the project management office of my project and responsibilities include managing project finances, resourcing, writing legal documents, overall team organization, deliverable scheduling and any ad hoc questions/requests that may arise from the business.
Midlevel, Sydney
Business analysis, communications creation and stakeholder management.
Midlevel, Adelaide
I currently am doing a secondment into our problem solution environments. I love this role and the work that comes with it. From simple things of running the event, to more complex work of determining what the problem is and how we work with people to help them come to a solution.
Graduate, Melbourne
I am currently a business analyst, responsible for elaborating on requirements with developers and liaising with business stakeholders.
Graduate, Melbourne