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Corporate Social Responsibility at Capgemini Australia

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What projects/initiatives does your employer run and what have you worked on personally?
Women @ Capgemini, Grads doing Good, environmental awareness, mental health awareness
Graduate, Sydney
This is improving by the day, and it is something that I am personally involved in. We are about to launch our new volunteering program, which allows every employee to take 1 day off to do volunteering and give back to the community. We also have a sustainability ERG, and are engaging with NFPs to help them deliver their new initiatives.
Midlevel, Sydney
Global Capgemini group sponsored CSR opportunity using tech4 positive futures to create a solution to address food insecurity in schools by connecting schools with food suppliers who provide ready meals to ensure no child goes hungry at school Digital inclusion coding workshops for refugee children Environmental sustainability drives such as clean up Australia Day
Graduate, Melbourne
As a grad I was able to win a CSR competition and run my own project which was funded by Capgemini global. The csr team is also very strong in various other spaces and looking to grow in many more.
Graduate, Melbourne
Grads doing group is a great initiatives and hold many events such as blood donation camps, cleaning drives, etc. I lead dressforsuccess initiatives which was a cloth donation drive for women who are starting out their professional lives and need formal wear.
Graduate, Melbourne
Women in STEM programs, Sustainability
Midlevel, Adelaide
We have a lot of different opportunites, specifically in sustainability and digital inclusivity. I personally helped to co-found our Community of Practice for Sustainability
Graduate, Melbourne