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Cian Dawson

My daily work involves manipulating data, creating live interactive visuals, reading contracts and liaising between the finance, commercial and operations teams.

What's your job about?

I am currently working as a Contracts Performance Analyst in the Oil & Gas industry in Queensland. I am working within the Commercial team to improve the reporting and analysis of Operational, Safety, Financial, Contractual and Human Resources data. My project will provide efficiencies by ensuring our business is meeting contractual reporting requirements and meeting key performance indicators to achieve financial incentives. I am creating live PowerBI dashboards which automatically update to provide accurate, automated reports to key stakeholders. This reporting tool will be crucial as we mobilise into a new 5-year contract. My daily work involves manipulating data, creating live interactive visuals, reading contracts and liaising between the finance, commercial and operations teams.

What's your background?

I grew up in Melbourne, and have always been an extremely goal orientated, ambitious person. During High School I was involved in every club, team, and house activity, so I was used to having a lot of different activities, responsibilities and commitments in my schedule. I chose to complete the International Baccalaureate in my final years as I was academically driven, and liked the broad, challenging syllabus. I then completed my Bachelor of Arts at Melbourne University where I majored in Media and Communications and Gender Studies. Throughout Uni, I worked in a highly-competitive retail-sales environment in which I could develop my sales, and interpersonal skills. I did not realise at the time how useful these skills would be in a corporate environment.

I went on to complete my Honours year in Gender Studies. I am passionate about LGBTIQ politics and started my Masters of Public Policy and Management at the University of Melbourne. However, I felt disillusioned by the course, and wanted to work in a capacity in which policy would have a more tangible effect on peoples’ lives. I decided to complete a Certificate IV in Human Resources while also doing my masters, to see if policy in an organisational setting would be more to my liking. I was also working in Recruitment in the Not-for-profit space, but I needed more of a challenge. I decided to apply for HR/Business Graduate Positions in multi-national companies. I was accepted into the Broadspectrum Graduate Program in 2018 and moved to Sydney to work in the head office as part of my first rotation. In this year alone I have lived in Melbourne, Sydney and regional Queensland which has been extremely rewarding. I am looking forward to the challenges and experiences ahead as I continue my career with Broadspectrum.

Could someone with a different background do your job?

Someone with a different background could do my job. Critical thinking skills, data analytics and strong inter-personal skills are required to do my job, and one can develop these from a broad range of academic studies. I believe inter-personal skills are key in business. For my current placement I am liaising between different teams which have been siloed at times. Building strong relationships with stakeholders in each team is the key to the project’s success. So, if you’re a people person who also has the ability to interpret and report on data, you could do this job!

What's the coolest thing about your job?

The coolest thing about my current job is the fact that I get the opportunity to go out in the field in regional Queensland to visit Coal Seam Gas well servicing and drilling rigs. I get to put on my PPE, get out in the boiling heat and see the actual operations taking place, and how our business interacts with our clients. This has helped me better understand our contractual requirements, what the operational data means, but most importantly and what our people need.

What are the limitations of your job?

Working for a multinational company which operates in a wide variety of sectors and geographies brings amazing opportunities and challenges. Relocation is a key part of the Broadspectrum Graduate program which is simultaneously exciting and nerve-wracking. Personally, I loved moving from Melbourne to Sydney. In my current relocation to regional Queensland, I have felt more isolated away from my family and friends. While this is challenging at times, the personal and professional growth you experience in invaluable.

3 pieces of advice for yourself when you were a student...

If I could go back, I would have done more commerce subjects in my Arts degree as financial literally is invaluable. I wish I had completed an exchange as part of my university degree as this could have been a great opportunity to travel for 6 months at a time and experience living overseas at a young age.

I would also recommend University students get involved in campus life through different clubs and boards, in addition to volunteering for local organisations and causes. These experiences push you outside your comfort zone and help you to start developing key skills you will need in the workplace. These activities also provide you with a plethora of examples to draw upon in job interviews – Win- Win!