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The Asia New Zealand Foundation Te Whītau Tūhono is currently offering internships with an Asia focus to undergraduate and graduate students

The Asia New Zealand Foundation equips New Zealanders to be confident and engaged with Asia by enabling deeper connections, awareness, and knowledge.  

We are currently offering 11 internships with organisations from Asia or based in New Zealand with an Asia focus, to graduate and postgraduate students for the summer period in New Zealand.  All internships and applications can be found on our website. (Click "Employer Website" to check out)

About our Asia internships

Our Asia business internship programme helps interns build a better understanding of the people, place and culture of their Asian host country while developing industry-specific skills that will benefit them as they progress in their careers.  

We currently offer internships for New Zealanders studying eight different sectors:  

  • Law 
  • Biotech 
  • Software development 
  • Creative industries 
  • Digital marketing 
  • Trade and export 
  • Financial crime research, and  
  • Future food.  

The Foundation encourages students and graduates with Asia-relevant career aspirations to apply so they can grow their knowledge and confidence in engaging the most dynamic, most prosperous and most exciting region in the world - Asia.  

Since early 2020, due to restrictions on international travel, the Foundation has instead offered virtual internships working remotely with Asian companies, and domestic internships with NZ organizations focused on Asia.

Recruitment Process

1. How does the selection process work?

We ask interested applicants to submit an electronic application following the instructions and weblink in the advertisement for the internship on our website. If applicants wish to apply for placements with more than one host, they should submit a separate application for each internship.

The Asia New Zealand Foundation will then assess all applications and short-list a small number of applicants (typically 4-5) to undertake an interview assessment with a three-person panel.

After the interviews, the panel will aim to recommend an applicant to the internship hosts. In some cases, a second short discussion for the recommended intern with a representative of the host company/organization could be required, especially if the hosts were not involved in the selection panel stage.

The Foundation will then check the recommended applicant's references, as the final stage in the selection process.

2. Who sits on the interview panels?

The panel members will vary for each internship but could comprise Foundation staff members, a representative of the host company, and/or other external representatives with relevant experience. Interviews may take place in person or online, depending on the location of the applicant and panel members.

3. What do we look for when selecting interns?

We will first check that applicants have studied a relevant course of study to the level requested in the advertisement, and comply with any other specific requirements of the host which will also be clearly outlined in the advertisement for the position. High grades are always an advantage, as many Asian cultures prize educational excellence.

Our selection process will then focus on ensuring we identify the right fit for each internship opportunity. We will be looking for applicants who are open-minded, and eager to learn about Asia and the Asian business environment. We will be looking for flexible people, who understand that working across cultures can sometimes bring challenges as well as plenty of opportunities. We will be looking for resilient, self-starting applicants who can work well with a remote team of colleagues to maximise the value of the internship experience. The knowledge and ability to represent New Zealand to the world, through engagement with your hosts and their stakeholders, is also important.

Experience in Asia and an ability to speak the local language of the host company may be an advantage, but is definitely not required. Colleagues in your remote team will be able to communicate with you in English. Interest to learn more about Asia and Asian culture is more important!


Who is eligible? 

  • New Zealand citizens or have New Zealand permanent resident status 
  • Students or recent graduates who are interested in pursuing a career involving the Asian region and are willing to engage with the Foundation’s professional development programmes after they return 

Remuneration & Career Growth

Interns will be paid a living wage. Other expenses, for example laptop purchase, are not covered. 

The Asia New Zealand Foundation and the hosts will jointly deliver pastoral care and support professional development in cultural competency.  

Jobs & Opportunities

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10 year anniversary for Foundation’s business internships programme

Alumni from the Foundation's business internships programme gathered in Auckland in March to mark 10 years since the programme was established.

10 year anniversary for Foundation’s business internships programme

Alumni from the Foundation's business internships programme gathered in Auckland in March to mark 10 years since the programme was established.