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Do you have 'fire in your belly'? Do you want to solve problems, interact with interesting people and continue your development…every day?! The Apprento Development Programme seeks those who are willing to get stuck in, get out of their comfort zone and take control of their career.

Apprento assesses, places and trains grads into sales and customer facing roles. We partner with some of New Zealand's top 'B2B' companies (i.e they sell to other businesses), especially in the technology sector. Once you've met the Apprento criteria, you go into our 'talent pool' and will meet companies that we think will be a match for you. If you like each other, then you're exciting journey begins in a permanent role.

The people we've placed into roles love the fact we provide a supported pathway into companies, backed up with training as well as networking with and getting support from others who are on a similar journey - so a real community feel! Candidates we've placed feel like they've come 'up-to-speed' quicker and in many cases, it means they've been able to earn more!

They love the wide variety of companies they get exposed to...from the highly purpose led to the neat technology platforms that make lives easier!

Recruitment Process

This is more about you, your character and your drive. We see your qualifications as just a part of who you are. We don't look for specific degrees, we are keen to take on people with all different perspectives to provide diverse ways of thinking and approaching challenges. We're just as interested in your sports and interests, your part time jobs and how you'll fit the special culture of the companies we work with.

You'll naturally enjoy talking to people, have a good work ethic and will be open to learning. You'll have 'fire in your belly' and want to take charge of your career and learning!

Typically our process will involve a chat with a member of our team and then attending one of our interactive education sessions via Zoom (1 hour 15 mins and no need to leave the house!). During our online session, you'll meet others, take part in a group exercise and will also learn 'how to stand out in your job search'! You'll also complete an online strength's finder to help you understand yourself even better!

To be considered for positions with our clients:

  • You'll be a New Zealand citizen or resident
  • You'll be involved in interactive and informative career sessions
  • You can commit to a full-time role

So we're only looking for your CV at first and we can take it from there. The whole process could take about two hours and we could be arranging for you meet companies very quickly after that!

Remuneration & Career Growth

First year gross earnings can be from $50,000 to $70,000 and can be higher if you progress quickly! Many of our clients have a commission structure which rewards more for each sale made! It's in your second and third years where your earnings can really take-off, especially in technology sales.

The opportunities for growth are plenty! You might grow with the company - if it's an 'earlier stage' company (like Xero was in the early days!) then your responsibilities will grow as the company gets bigger and there is more to do. You might deal with bigger customers or lead a team or focus on overseas expansion! You could even move into more product or marketing focused roles. The options are huge and starting in a sales or customer focused role will give you great insight into how the company works and what customers are looking for - both vital for any role!

At some stage you may move on - to a bigger role or company. You might lead a team and then lead a company! You might even start your own company! With a background in sales, you'll be confident that if you have an idea that solves a problem, you'll be able to generate revenue. Many companies never reach their potential because the sales capability just isn't there.

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