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Working Hours at AECOM

8.3 rating for Working Hours, based on 19 reviews
How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?
There are a number of flexible working options. Couldn't be better.
AECOM is very flexible. Many people work reduced hours or start at different times.
I mostly only spend 40 hours per week at the office, and whenever I spend more than that I can take that extra time as leave during less busy periods.
very - can set my own hours, and also can work extra if required
Good flexibility. Haven't had to use the flex day yet but have made use of starting earlier/finishing earlier and vice versa.
Very flexible
Work is either quiet or full on
Incredibly flexible. No one is expected to spend more than 40 hours in the office per week. If you go over 40 then you can bank that time into a flex day once per month. People who stay late often get pressure to go home and do it tomorrow
I work 41 hours a week however I expect to be working more hours next year when I have more workload. My manager is flexible with time
I believe we should move to a 7.5 hour day. When there is no site work on and there is a quiet period those 8 hours drag on. I am out of the office doing site work about 2 days per week.
Very flexible, get your work done and do your hours
Usually just 40 hours a week, but I will work overtime if the project demands it. I'll always book that time as flex time and take a day off. Occasionally come in on weekends when I feel that I didn't get enough work done for the hours I booked. Overall positive.
As long as you do your 40 hours a week it is fine
8 - 9hrs. Flexible Start and Finish.
Very flexible with starting & finishing times, everyone is happy as long as you get your standard hours in and meet project deadlines/expectations. Have not had too many exhaustive weeks with lots of overtime yet.