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Sustainability at AECOM

6.4 rating for Sustainability, based on 19 reviews
Please comment on your company's efforts in this area.
AECOM publishes a sustainability report every year and has set global targets on reducing emissions that are aligned with the Paris Agreement. I have also heard that there will be a global launch of 'green teams' to help each office implement the sustainability strategy
No Fly July - though not that effective as clients often demand to see us. Pretty Poor overall
Recycling and no fly/limit your flying month. Not sure of any other efforts
I commute on my bike daily - I believe its in AECOM's best interest to do some scheme to get more employers biking in.
Plenty of green initiatives
Other than the hand towel spot in the bathrooms, I don't know what other stuff the company does
Recycling and compost. encourages reduced printing
We have an environmental team locally who are doing a lot to push the corporate members of the company to implement more things for climate change and such.