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Career Prospects at AECOM

8 rating for Career Prospects, based on 19 reviews
Please tell us about promotion possibilities and fill us in on what it takes to move up the ranks.
I don't know much yet but it seems that after two years of being a graduate, promotions depend on performance
Haven't had a chance yet, after graduate programme I will be pursuing this alot more
Seems to be a good opportunity for progression after I finished graduate years
after 2 years you become professional
Seems hard to move around in career prospects here.
Graduates get promoted after 2 years. Moving office or teams is a sure fire way to get promotions. Many graduates leave the company in search of higher pay as the internal salary increases aren't very competitive
Don't think there is a whole lot of promotion possibilities for another couple of years
I don't know anything about this
Hard to say as have only been in the job for less than a year. There are BIG jobs/projects that if you are a keen individual will be able to easily chase.
Just a matter of doing work well until at senior-or-so level. From there I would imagine you could pursue leadership opportunities.
Still a graduate, difficult to comment on this. Appears that there are many more career progression possibilities and promotions with the new manager as opposed to the old one.
Don't really know too much about that