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Job Satisfaction at AECOM New Zealand

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Please comment on your role and day-to-day responsibilities.
My role is a small power and lighting engineer at its core. My typical day involves design work for power and lighting for new projects and answering RFI's and queries for ongoing projects.
Graduate, Auckland
I work mainly on one construction project. My responsibilities are construction monitoring, admin, site inspections, handover processes, responding to queries, etc. I've had some experience on other projects, mainly doing AutoCAD.
Graduate, Christchurch
There are a few things that are pretty uninteresting, but that is mainly due to the client requesting it to be done. There is also some work that I am given that is quite interesting and stimulating.
Graduate, Chrustchurch
Graduate level correlates with administration tasks among technical workloads - can be disheartening to be asked to do basic admin
Graduate, Auckland
Anything that I can be involved in I am usually involved in to get a wide range of experience. However this means I don't get a lot of technical work. This is fine for the stage I am at in my career though.
Graduate, Tauranga
On site testing and in office reporting
Graduate, Auckland
I work in the water team, I do water related engineering work depending on the jobs.
Graduate, Hamilton
Delegating project tasks to respective teams. Reporting to manager about work completed
Graduate, Auckland
Project Management and Structural Engineering
Graduate, Auckland
Bits and pieces of work wherever needed. I get to work on smaller projects
Graduate, Auckland
Asbestos surveys, Report writing, figure and photolog creating, soil sampling
Graduate, Auckland
Project work. minor team admin
Graduate, Auckland
I feel like I get challenged often which is good, I don't want to become stagnant.
Graduate, Auckland
I have been working on a project which has been taking up a lot of my time as of recent so that means the day goes faster which is good,
Experienced, Wellington
Great Opportunity to be involved, with significant learning and on the job training.
Graduate, Hamilton, New Zealand
Monthly Financial Reporting & Progress Valuations Running the biggest project in the team Tracking costs regularly & meeting clients to go over them Leading the rollout of new software for core functionality of our work
Graduate, Wellington
Writing reports, finding data
Graduate, Auckland