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Accounting Graduate Jobs overview

At its core, Accounting is the process of recording financial information and transactions of an organisation in a useful way. Accounting is an essential foundation for companies that are successful, especially in today’s ever-changing world of business. Professionals will generally be responsible for managing financial accounts and help organisations become and stay financially viable and as efficient as possible. They are highly regarded and have unique skills which are used to analyse financial information which arms firms to provide advice on current financials and be the basis for future projections. Many accounting graduates will begin their career dealing with complex issues for the firm's clients, but as they progress through their career accounting professionals will go on to become business leaders and work in an array of organisations from small to large businesses, government departments and multinationals.

For accounting graduates, you have the opportunity to work in a number of sectors and gain a strong understanding of the organisation's financials. During the rotations throughout the business, you will have responsibilities including the management of cash flow, producing reports and completing end of month accounting processes.

There is a broad range of roles, including:

  • Auditor
  • CFO
  • Tax accountant
  • Payroll/Accounts payable/receivable
  • Budget analyst
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What are your career prospects in accounting?

As an accounting graduate, you will have access to a lot of professional development and opportunities to ‘climb the ladder’. You will normally start off as an accounting trainee, then advance to mid-level management and then senior accounting roles, such as a partner or director. As a starting point, employers will offer internships for accounting students, where they can begin to develop their skills and gain valuable experience. A number of firms are also offering cadetships, which is work that students can complete alongside their studies. They are generally less structured than internships, however, offer great value and experience to aspiring professionals.

What skills are important to become an accountant?

  • Strong attention to detail
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Analytical skills

What are the salary expectations for accounting graduates?

Salaries for accounting graduates range between NZD $50,000 and stretch up to $85,000 pa. Salaries depend on the firm, your experience and which position. However, there is great scope to work your way up and gain salary increases and bonuses. It is also important to flag that salaries may vary depending on where you work in New Zealand. For example, in Auckland, graduate salaries are higher than Wellington, due to cost of living allowances and the projects that firms work on.

What about training and support?

Whilst training varies from firm to firm, accounting graduates can expect on-the-job training and more formal training. It is very common for firms to also engage with Chartered Accountants ANZ to provide this training and support. Smaller, more boutique firms will tend to have more of a focus on the ‘on-the-job’ training as it is a more flexible approach. The benefit of this is you will be paired up with senior accountants and partners, which is invaluable.

Professional Associations

It is a prerequisite for accountants to gain membership at either Chartered Accountants (CA ANZ) or at the Accountants and Tax Agents Institute of New Zealand (ATAINZ).

Chartered Accountants ANZ has traditionally been associated with the main accounting firms in New Zealand, with most accounting firms like KPMG, BDO and PwC all offering support for graduates when completing their studies and practical exams to become chartered accountants.

Should I choose accounting?

Choose accounting if you…

  • Are a team player
  • Have strong communication skills
  • Have excellent research and reporting skills
  • Enjoy numbers and researching